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Raspberry-Pi / SMS Alarm System

https://sites.google.com/site/jfpayeur/raspberrypi Raspberry-Pi / SMS Alarm System Description Here are some information about a little Python Project I’ve made based on a Raspberry-Pi Platform. This is My first Python Project Ever, my code is not super clean, but it works great.   This system send me an SMS and/or Email if my door is open, or if the PIR (passive infrared movement detector) is triggered. This can be easily expanded to 8 or mores zones, or control something else. In my

Python Joystick Test

  Instalasi & Testing Koneksi Joystick   import pygame as p p.init() stick = p.joystick.Joystick(0) stick.init() print(“initialized:”,bool(stick.get_init())) print(stick.get_name()) while stick.get_axis(0)*100 < 399: print(round(stick.get_axis(0)*100)) #need for right detection otherwise stick.get_axis always returns 0 for event in p.event.get(): None p.quit()